Strawberry Edible Massage Oil Heart Candle - 4 oz.

Manufacturer: Earthly Body
Product Code: EB-HSCK003
Availability: In Stock
Price: $16.00

A massage never felt--or tasted--this good. This Edible Strawberry Massage Candle come in cute heart-shaped tins in a variety of mouthwatering fruity scents. Light a candle to set the mood and once the wax has melted a bit, drizzle the all-natural oils straight from tin to skin for a moisturizing rubdown. These candles smell good enough to eat--so go right ahead and add a little flavor to your ordinary massage!

The oil feels fone but the scent is too realistic for me. I felt as though it smelled like strawberries that were beyond ripe. -- - 04/25/2016

I love the smell it gives, who could go wrong with strawberries. love how the candle turns into oil. I will repurchase this candle. -- - 05/31/2016

This was, and is, my absolute FAVORITE thing to recommend people try, regardless of where they are on the spectrum of sexual exploration. Vanilla and just want to try a few little things without too much risk? Try stepping into a field of summer-ripe strawberries and just treat yourself to the glow of the candle until the wax melts enough to use cool for a backrub. A little more adventurous? Pour the wax on with the little spoon included while it's still fresh-hot. Test yourself for your heat tolerance first, but the wax shouldn't be able to get hot enough to burn. Happy melting, my lovelies! -- - 08/20/2016

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