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TLC Adam's PleasureSkin Cock - Light  TS1003035
Realistic 8 insertable inch PleasureSkin cock. Hand crafted full penis detail. Features a soft smooth texture for an authentic sensual feel. Built in suction cup base is harness compatible
Vac-U-Lock Crystal Jellie Dong 8-inch - Pink   DJ1015-00
Lock this whopper into place for a memorable strap-on experience. Choose from our 8" Crystal Jellie Pink Dong or our 8" Classic Dong attachments for the ultimate in easy access and non-slip action. An indispensable addition to your roster of Vac-U-Lock toys. Non-phthalate, body-safe. Proudly Made in America. Take it for a ride with yourself or your dearest and Feel Great with Eight!
O-Rings Set- 4 Assorted Sizes SS694-01
For self-pleasure as a cock ring or for comfortable secure attachments for your harness.
Vac-U-Lock Classic Dong 8-inch - White  DJ1015-01
Lock this whopper into place for a memorable strap-on experience. Choose from our 8" Crystal Jellie natural Dong or our 8" Classic Dong attachments for the ultimate in easy access and non-slip action. An indispensable addition to your roster of Vac-U-Lock toys. Non-phthalate, body-safe. Proudly Made in America. Available in White. Take it for a ride with yourself or your dearest and Feel Great in Eight!
Vac-u-lock Frosted Suction Cup  Plug  Bulk DJ1010-08-BU
You ll never get bored with your Vac-U-Lock toys thanks to this exciting accessory that allows for a hands-free good time. It might look innocent but this Vac-U-Lock suction cup extension is built to withstand the roughest play.
Vac-U-Lock  Realistic Erect Cock 7-inch DJ1015-18
Designed to give you command over your erotic pleasure, the 7 inch REALISTIC cock is compatible with a Vac-U-Lock harness. The seven inch cock is one of the many attachments available that are inter-changeable with the Vac-U-Lock system, so this is just one of the many toys you can use with the harness. This particular attachment is slim for its length making it a good choice for beginners or anal use. After all the convenience, our favorite thing about this toy is its realistic look and feel. It's even veined for added authenticity. So fasten your seat belt, because this dildo is going to take you for a ride.
Xx - Elysium   BL-16213
For excellence in realism choose XX. Created with dual density Sensa Feel technology, Elysium replicates natural flexibility, pliability, and texture. The ratio of firm inner core to soft outer layer was selected to create the most accurate representation of a perfect erection. With a lifelike form and powerful suction cup, XX is the best for yourself and your partner.
Vac-U-Lock  Raging Hard-On Dong 8-inch DJ1015-26
The 8 Inch Realistic Raging Hard-On Dong is one of the many attachments available that are interchangeable with the VAC-U-LOCK system!
Vac-U- Lock Powder Lubricant  DJ1020-02
Looking for an even better strap-on experience? Look no further! This Vac-U-Lock powder is just what you need. This white talc powder is made to be used on Vac-U-Lock plugs as a way to attach and remove attachments easily and smoothly. Keeps everything in TOP working order Compatible with all Vac-U-Lock attachments and accessories.
Vac-U-Lock  Natural Double Penetrator  DJ1015-04
Now this massive tool is sure to give sizzle to double-penetration lovers. The both shafts are approximately 6 inches long and are made out of soft rubber in that way to mimic the natural feel and shapes of two cocks penetrating anus and vagina. One shaft is 1 inch thicker in diameter and has a special multi-speed vibrating feature to drive you even crazier.
Vac- U- Lock Panty Harness W/ Plug - Briefs - L/ Xl   DJ1091-04-BX
Play your way! This Vac-U-Lock™ stretch-cotton harness is made for comfort in soft, breathable material that’s quick and easy to put on and remove. Each harness comes with our patented Vac U Plug in a reinforced front panel, this style can be equipped with any Vac-U-Lock™ compatible attachment available from Doc Johnson or already in your collection. This is a truly all-purpose harness, featuring a 45mm O-Ring and two pockets perfect for holding your favorite bullet vibes or anything else you want to stash, built into a durable full-back panty. Every product in the patented Vac-U-Lock™ system is designed to help you create any strap-on or toy you’re in the mood for, and it’s as simple as popping on the attachment of your choice.

• Soft, Breathable Stretch Cotton
• Reinforced Front Panel for Stability
• Two Built-In Pockets to Hold Your Bullet Vibes
• Built-In 45mm O-Ring
• Fits Any Vac-U-Lock™ Compatible Attachment
Vac U Lock E-Z Rider Rocker Ball DJ1010-05
Now this is one nasty toy, bringing your sexual fun to a new level. The inventive folks at Doc Johnson have combined the harmless humping ball with a nasty butt plug-a great way to remind yourself of childish fun while getting tons of sexual excitement at the same time. Hop and bounce your way to a thrilling climax.
Vac-u-lock Large Black Suction Cup Plug    DJ1010-10-BX
Take your playtime to the next level with this jumbo version of our classic Vac-U-Lock™ suction cup accessory. This extra-sturdy suction cup base is specially designed for optimal use of our largest Vac-U-Lock attachments and topped with our classic Vac-U-Lock™ plug. This accessory guarantees stable hands-free play with even the heftiest Vac-U-Lock™ attachments, but is compatible with every attachment in the Vac-U-Lock system. The cup firmly affixes to any smooth surface, and features a molded pull tab for easy removal.

• Designed for Larger Vac-U-Lock™ Attachments
• Extra Sturdy Suction Cup Base for Solid Hands-Free Control
• Tabbed for Easy Removal
• Powerful Adhesion to Any Smooth Surface
• Will Not Damage Surfaces
• Compatible with All Vac-U-Lock™ Attachment
Vac-U-Lock  7-inch Thin Dong  DJ1015-06
Doc Johnson introduces a perfect addition to your Vac-U-Lock collection. The 7" Thin Natural Dong combined with our most popular state-of-the-art strap-on system. The thin girth is firm yet flexible. Try out all the unique attachments for your Vac-U-Lock system and fasten your seatbelt! You're in for a ride! Non-phthalate, body-safe. Proudly made in America.
Vac-U-Lock  Natural Double Penetrator Vibrator  DJ1015-05
An attachment for the Vac-U-Lock line. This is a vinyl rubber double penetrator that is designed to stimulate anal and vaginal. This one comes with a vibrator inside and controller for power.
Vac U Lock Plug With Snaps  DJ1010-03BU
Diversify your harness accessory collection with this Vac-U-Lock plug with snaps. Choose the original plug or double the fun with a double dong plug. Attach any Vac-U-Lock compatible piece and the rest is up to you!
Hung Vac-U-Lock Attachment - White DJ1015-27
Appropriately named, Hung is 12.5 inches of plump head and bulging veins. 3 inches thick and ready to fill you up; this big daddy is sure to satisfy the greatest of appetites. Hung can be used with Doc Johnson's patented Vac-U -Lock system, an o-ring harness or by itself. Hung is made of Non-Phthalate Realistic PVC Rubber. If you're a full fledged Size-Queen or just a little Size-Curious, one thing is certain... Hung will not leave you hungry for more.
Vac-u-lock Universal Plug    DJ1010-16-BX
Anything goes with the Vac-U- Lock™ Universal Strap-On Plug. The base is curved and fully padded for comfort and flexes to fit wherever you strap it, making your Vac-U- Lock™ attachments even more versatile. Wear on the arms, legs, chest, and elsewhere with a partner, or attach to pillows and furniture for solo fun. With this all-purpose addition to the fully interchangeable Vac-U- Lock™ system, your play is a truly customized experience.

• Versatile Padded Strap-On Plug
• Fully Adjustable 60” Nylon Strap Included
• Unique Design Curves Where You Do
• Attach to Any Part of the Body
• Sturdy Curved Base Flexes to Fit
• Phthalate-Free, Body-Safe
Vac-U-Lock Cock And Balls UR3 6-inch DJ1015-21
UR3 cocks are the most realistic cocks around, next to the real thing! They are made of synthetic flesh to look and feel totally real. Twenty-five years of research went into the making of UR3, so you know it's got to be good. The Vac-U-Lock 6 inch UR3 Cock and Balls Attachment was molded from a real penis and then hand painted to make it look even more like the real thing. The Vac-U-Lock technology holds everything in place so you can concentrate on having a good time.
Vac-U-Lock  Realistic Cock 8-Inch - Brown DJ1015-14
Exciting new addition to your vac-u-lock arsenal, this extra-sized dong is great for realistic-fun lovers. Made out of soft rubber, it is 8 inch long and is hand-colored to mimic the natural look of a cock. It is also vac-u-lock compatible so expect hours and hours of exciting strap-on action with this chump.
Vac-U-Lock Realistic Lock And Load 6-inch DJ1015-09
There's only one obvious difference between this dong and the real thing it stays hard all the time and is ready to be used whenever and for as long as you wish to. Made out of rubber, it is 6 inches long, veined and colored to mimic to the max the real thing. And most of all, it is Vac-U-Lock compatible so you can use it with your favorite strap-on system for hours of role-play fun.
Vac-U-Lock Cock And Balls UR3 8-inch DJ1015-22
This Vac-U-Lock 8 inch UR3 Cock Attachment is one of the best ones you can get. All 8 magnificent inches of cock and balls is incredibly realistic in a lovely flesh tone with bulging veins and ball sac details that make you forget it's not actual flesh. UR3 is designed to feel exactly like real skin and as such gives you an even better overall feel. This Vac-U-Lock 8 inch UR3 Cock Attachment even has blue veins hand painted along the ridges to make it look like an ultra-realistic erection - enjoy!
Vac-U-Lock - Knuckle Up DJ1010-12
Taking hands-on play to the next level, this feisty Knuckle Up accessory will delight and amaze you with its novelty, functionality, and its undeniable ‘cool factor’. The Knuckle Up accessory is compatible with the entire selection of Vac-U-Lock attachments, with its one-size-fits-all knuckle rings sitting below a standard Vac-U-Lock plug. You won’t believe how versatile this toy is! It’s perfect for both masturbation and playing with a partner! What are you waiting for?!
Vac-u-lock Frosted Suction Cup  Plug  DJ1010-08
Vac-U-Lock Anal Plug with Suction Base.
Vac-U-Lock  Kong The Realistic King Size Cock 9-inch DJ1015-17
A white flesh colored 9 inch cock and is made out of REALISTIC material. Is used in our Vac-U-Lock line of toys.